Pizza and Sandwiches

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Need to bring home a meal for the whole family? Then make it a pizza night! Shelly’s Sweets offers more than just delicious homemade baked goods; we make pizzas, too. Get a hand-tossed or thin crust pizza as a 6-inch personal pizza or get a larger one that the whole family can enjoy. Our pizza is made with homemade crust and baked fresh when you order. We offer traditional cheese pizza with any toppings of your choice! Whether you want bacon and sausage, olives and peppers, or just traditional cheese or pepperoni, there’s plenty of toppings available.

Would you like something a little bit different? Then get one of our specialty pizzas! Try our taco pizza, topped with ground beef and sour cream, or grab a breakfast pizza to provide a meal for your family. We have plenty of specialty options available, so just stop in and let us know what you’re looking for.

In addition, we also offer take & bake pizzas. These pizzas are made from hand by Shelly and crew, then boxed up and prepared for you to take home. Just grab a take and bake box, take it home, and cook it yourself. No worrying about a long wait time at the store—you can just grab the box, pay, and go!

Our homemade pizzas are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a meal to satisfy the whole family. Pair them with one of our desserts for the perfect meal! Call today to place an order, or stop by our shop and pick up one of our take and bake pizzas.

Sandwiches and Sides


Try one of our delicious dinner options! We have several different sandwiches available to appeal to anyone’s tastes. Chicken, fish, ham salad—no matter what you’re looking for, we’d love to serve you! Additionally, we also offer burgers, boneless wings, and chicken strips. Pick up one of our dinner options for yourself or for your family.

If you’re getting dinner, then why not make it a complete meal and add a side? We have all kinds of French fries, from traditional to waffle cheese fries. Or, maybe you’d like to add some onion rings as the perfect complement to your burger. Maybe you’d like something a little healthier, such as fried green beans or broccoli bites. Or, perhaps you’d like to add a side of macaroni salad to your chicken strips. We have plenty of sides to chose from. Mix and match with our dinner options to find your perfect meal!

At Shelly’s Sweets, all of our food is baked fresh daily. Our sandwiches can be made to order, fresh and ready for you to pick up whenever you’re able. We want to provide you with the best; that’s why we make all of our food with care. We’re open daily, so you can order anytime you’d like to get one of our delicious sandwiches

Sandwiches, burgers, sides—Shelly’s Sweets offers so much more than just wonderful baked goods! We’ve got perfect freshly made dinner options, too. Grab some sandwiches for your family, or just a sandwich and side for yourself. You can’t go wrong when you get food from Shelly’s Sweets! So, why not call us today and place your order?


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